Silicone Market Report in China(polysiloxane, silicone fluid, Silicon rubber, silane)

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Beijing Sino Advanced Chemical Materials Technology Center (ACMI) is a service organization specializing in the research and technological development of new chemical materials industry. Its main business includes consulting and planning of new chemical materials, market monitoring, media publishing, conferences and exhibitions.

SAGSI is a public welfare platform dedicated to the green, healthy and sustainable development of the silicon industry. SAGSI relies on ACMI to carry out its work. It is one of the domestic authoritative research institutions. The annual report of key silicon material products (2021 version) includes polysiloxane, high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, silicone oil&emulsion, silane coupling agent, silicone resin, polysilicon, fumed silica, silicon tetrachloride, silicon metal, etc. 10 kinds of reports. Monthly market reports, trade analysis reports, and customized services according to customer needs can also be provided. The full text of each annual report is about 30,000 words, a total of 8-9 chapters, and there are about 60-70 detailed charts, all of which are the latest research data. This type of report has been written since 2008 and has a history of 13 years. It is a domestic silicon industry report with a high gold content.

Annual Reports

SAGSI 2020 polysiloxane annual reports

SAGSI 2020 silane coupling agent annual repor

SAGSI 2020 silicone fluid annual report

SAGSI 2020 silicon resin annual report

SAGSI 2020 RTV annual reports

SAGSI 2020 HTV annual reports

SAGSI 2020 fumed silica annual reports

AGSI 2020 STC annual report outline

Monthly Reports

SAGSI silicone monthly report

SAGSI fumed silica monthly report

Weekly Reports

Silicon Industry Chain newsletter

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